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14.06.2021 1 min read
Integrity as the Best Policy

Greetings to all,

In this edition, I will be deliberating on the Institute's core values. These are the principles or beliefs that are of central importance to the Institute and are to be observed at all times in our research, development and consultancy conducts. At IICE, we have agreed on four values to uphold. These are Integrity, International, Commitment and Excellence that are acronymised as IICE :).

Our first core value is Integrity. It is the the state of being honest, intact, whole and undivided, come what may. It is associated with strong moral principles and uprightness, and sound decisions. By adopting integrity, we mean all of the above. The decision to put integrity as our first core value is no coincidence. It is like putting integrity on top the head with one hand used to balance it while the other hand holds the other three values. Should integrity is at stake and needs more support, we will have to let go the other three values for a while to free the other hand for additional support, so to speak.

As researchers, our ultimate aim is always to leverage our intellectual capability, knowledge and experience to solve existing problems, or improve existing ways of doing things, and to give back to the society. Satisfaction is, when we see the research outcomes being translated into solutions that address their problems. However, it is also important to ensure that all these are achieved with integrity in mind. In the world full of rankings, recognitions and competitions, which are usually tied to key performance indicators (KPIs) such as number of high impact publications, amount of research grants et cetera, it important to always ensure that the very reason for venturing into research is not forsaken and more importantly, the means to accomplish it are noble. The onus is therefore on us to equip ourselves with not just good, but exemplary attitude that the society can look up to.

While integrity is common sense to some, others may need explicit guidance to appreciate and practice it. Thus, it is also part of the Institute's responsibility to inculcate this value in its researchers.

IICE Core Values

Our second core value is International. At IICE, we challenge ourselves to go far and beyond. Each stumbling block is an opportunity for us to climb higher. We aim for research standing that is on par with the international counterparts and always seek means to strengthen our international collaborations and networking that bring mutual benefits. I personally believe that our researchers have the required capacity and capability and the Institute will help to pave the way and provide the support they need.

While integrity is common sense to some, others may need explicit guidance to appreciate and practice it.

With a long to-do list to achieve our vision, Commitment is of utmost importance. No pain, no gain and we don't get something for nothing. For this reason, the Institute is responsible to create the conducive ambiance for our staff and researchers such that the hard work is accomplished with understanding, passion and pride.

Finally, but never of least importance, is Excellence. We are determined to spare no efforts that are within reach to ensure level best in everything we do. Excellence that is not only measured in terms of recognitions, awards and accolades, but also in terms of the societal impact brought about by our presence. Through Excellence, we would be able to deliver the best outcomes and offer the best solutions that are second to none. Exemplary, period.

With the roadmap and the core values, we're all set and ready to fly high and to become the reference point for energy informatics research and consultancy in Malaysia. The roadmap will ensure that we do the right things, and the core values, that we do the things right!

Yours truly,

Hazleen Aris

June 14th, 2021

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