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Niche Area: Energy Infostructure

Energy Informatics (EI) is broadly defined as the area of study concerning the intersections of ICT and the energy domain. With the widespread use of ICT in the energy domain, the relevance and importance of EI is becoming more and more evident. Various energy systems are being developed and used to improve efficiency of the energy supply industry across the value chain right from the source (generation) to the end users (retail). The presence of these systems has enabled the creation of an unprecedented amount of data and information, i.e. big data. As the role of ICT is penetrating further and deeper into the domain and the use of the various energy systems is becoming more and more prominent, so does the need to ensure the harmonisation of the energy systems across the value chain that will lead to the seamless interaction between them and optimum usage of the wealth of information created by the systems. 

Realising the importance of such harmonisation, IICE has chosen Energy Infostructure as its niche research area. As opposed to infrastructure in general, infostructure is specifically concerned with the information or ICT infrastructure. Infostructure therefore can be viewed as a consequence of the advancement of the of the ICT, which has brought together with it different kinds of challenge such as cyber threat, systems inter-operability, data privacy and protection, and big data analytics. This has prompted the need to establish a new branch of study to address the challenges. 

“An area that concerns with harmonious organisation and communication of heterogeneous energy systems that leads to the effective and efficient energy production, delivery and consumption across the value chain through the optimum use of the energy data and the ICT assets.” - Energy Infostructure

New research frontiers need to be defined and new rules need to be established to face the new challenges. Information has unprecedentedly become a new commodity that companies and organisations are paying attention more seriously for their sustainability and survival. Energy Infostructure is also critical towards the modernisation and digitalisation of the ICT infrastructure in the energy domain and to make it more ‘intelligent’ than ever.

With IICE researchers coming from mostly the computer science and information technology background, we are confident that we have the required expertise and skillsets to undertake research in Energy Infostructure under the following three core thrust areas: 

Intelligent and Secure Energy Systems (ISES)

Research in this area focuses on work pertaining to the design and development of advanced ICT solutions to address the energy challenges. Some of the existing/planned projects under ISES are focusing on the following areas:

a) Data-centric energy monitoring and management systems

b) Effective Energy Communication Systems 

c) Integrated Intelligent (Interoperable) Energy Systems

d) Secure sharing of energy data

e) Energy infostructure protection

Energy Data Integration and Governance  (EDIG)

Research in this area engages in the development, adoption and use of ICT knowledge and good practices for efficient integration and management of the data obtained from the various energy systems.  Some of the existing/planned projects under EDIG are focusing on the following areas:

a) Energy data quality and governance  

b) Energy infostructure model and/or framework

c) Energy infostructure standard and policy 

d) Architecture for distributed energy information

e) Smarter grid operation and maintenance 

Energy Data Analytics and Visualisation (EDAV)

Research in this area explores advanced data mining, analytics, computer vision and visualisation. Some of the existing/planned projects under EDAV are focusing on the following areas:

a) Smarter customer experience 

b) Energy consumption and management analytics 

c) Big data thinking 

d) Emerging technology-based visualisation 

e) Intelligent data visualisation 


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Energy Data Integration
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Energy Data Analytics
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